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Business website is not only for online show

What's the difference between business website and beautiful website?

Websites are the foundation of modern digital marketing, and without an optimized website, you put all your digital marketing


efforts at the risk of draining your budget with fewer results in terms of leads and conversion rates. To understand this, we need to answer some questions first, to make it easy.


First, what is an optimized website?

Well, an optimized website is a marketing-ready and user-friendly web interface that is made and designed for maximizing conversion rates through organic website visits and paid digital marketing campaigns.


What's the benefit of an optimized website?

The benefit of an optimized website is not only assisting in making your services and products well known by your targeted customers, but the main goal is to transform the process entirely from making the lead to converting it into a valuable return as a result. An optimized website is an engine for achieving higher ROI.

Let us say that you are willing to spend USD5000 on your digital marketing campaign for selling a product on your eCommerce website and the customer will pay the price through your website. Here we are talking about a full process from the moment the visitor enters the website until the confirmed payment for the purchased product. This process might include filling out forms and navigating from one page to another until the process results in a valuable return which is the paid amount for the purchased item.
Your marketing campaign of USD5000 will bring the leads and the visitors effectively with a 99.99% performance rate, there is no doubt about that, but wait here, this is not enough because 85% of the process after that will depend entirely on your website. It’s not only how effective your digital marketing campaign is but how you will handle the leads after that. and here the optimized website concept comes in.

If your website is not well optimized to handle the process efficiently then there would be a big loss. You will end up paying for the best digital marketing campaign that will bring very good results in terms of visits and quality users, but sadly you will not gain any benefit from these amazing results unless you can handle it through an optimized website. 
Now the second question comes in,


How to optimize your website?

Optimizing a website has many ways of understanding, for example, you will find a website design agency telling you, that the best way to optimize a website is by having it lightweight for fast performance, and having a very nice and eye-catching design. other website design agencies surely will tell you that the optimized website is the website made with SEO in mind or an SEO-friendly website. 
The good news is that all these points mentioned by web design agencies are correct but in a limited approach. SEO is referring to search engine optimization where website design agencies aim to provide SEO services to help websites get on the top results of search engines organically as much as possible. The limitation approach here is linked to the search engines and no more than this, while the lightweight website concept has a higher priority than SEO because without a lightweight website you could end up losing all the SEO efforts, simply you will lose everything including any marketing efforts if your website is not intended to be a lightweight for best performance. But the limitation of the lightweight concept doesn’t go beyond the performance. It’s only about the performance which in fact should be the number one concern when it comes to establishing a new website or redesigning a new one.
So, in general talk, website design agencies are talking-true regarding SEO and performance, but the missing piece is deep more than that.

A well-optimized website should be designed based on a business-oriented mechanism. It’s not only how sweet look is your website, and is not about how fast is it or even how accurate search engines are indexing it. Yes, all these matter but what is next?
The deep secret recipe behind any successful online business is the deep process, from making the lead to converting it into a return. It’s a business processing mechanism that needs to be analyzed and designed by professional business developers not only web developers. Web developers, especially front-end web developers, can create stunning web designs and very attractive materials, but as much as they are professional in their job, there is a missing part. It’s the business processing understanding, a web developer can analyze a system from the design and architecture concept side, but the missed business processing and mechanism understanding creates gabs, causes inefficiency and lack of the ultimate business approach for an organization and profit-first companies, and here Talfu comes in. 
In Talfu technology, we are not only delivering website development, but we deliver business-oriented and marketing-ready optimized websites.


What is the meaning of a business website?

well, first things first. At Talfu, we hire the most professional business developers to work side by side with web and system developers, where our website and system development takes 2 major stages, the first stage is handled and managed by our professional business developers where the system design and the integrated business analysis are in the priority for the first stage, and then the architecture and system from the coding side is handled by our professional system developers. that's the basic concept of a business website, but in fact, it's deeper than average users think.

What will you get when you request a business website from Talfu?

The result that you will get is a well-optimized business-oriented website that is able to manage the entire business process from handling the leads to the return conversion process, considering the integrations and development that are needed for achieving the best customer experience for your clients, as well as taking the SEO and the performance as important ingredients of our business-oriented first recipe. All of that with an integrated analytics platform integrated into your website dashboard for high scalability and trustworthy robust reports for a business intelligence approach.


What's the cost of developing a business website?


The cost of developing a business website is as low as a premium cup of coffee cost. For this approach, we have prepared very simple pricing plans to suit your needs and to be cost-effective for you, as we have seen that the pricing out there is much higher with less or zero interest in the analytics and business processing development or planning side.

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